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> Hi all
> I had installed FreeBSD 4.7 on an old pentium I 100MHz with 128Meg RAM
> and a 2Gig Hard drive.  It worked, albeit a little slow but perfectly
> usable for experimenting with and learningFreeBSD, and surfing the
> net.  I got a 3.1Gig hard drive and thought I'd add it to the FreBSD
> box and since 4.9 had just been released I'd start from scratch and
> install that as well.
> It took me a little time to figure how to do this but I managed (or so
> I thought) to install FreeBSD.  However although I can see both drives
> during the installation  if I do a df all that is displayed is ad0s
> with no information on ad2s.  Also I cannot install any more programms
> since it says/usr is full.  I'm begining to wonder if the ad2s drive
> is being used at all.  When I installed FreeBSD I used the auto
> defaults for both drives. Was this the right thing to do?  Any hints
> or tips would be usefull.
> Thanks
> Keith McKay

Hi Keith,

Did you choose to install the BootMgr when you installed 4.7 and/or 4.9?
If you did, you should get an option to select which drive to boot
from, when the computer boots up.  If not, you can add one after
installation with the program 'boot0cfg'.  It's probably best to make
sure to add it to both drives :)

If all you want to do is access the contents of your second (4.9) drive
when you're booted into 4.7 (or vice versa) you have to create mount
points and mount the partitions of your other drive somewhere in your
file system.  The easiest way to do this is probably to use 'mkdir' to
create a directory for the mount point, edit the file '/etc/fstab' and
add the device name and the mount point, then use
'mount <your-chosen-mountpoint>'.  (And unless you specify 'noauto' in
/etc/fstab, it will automatically be mounted each time you reboot, as

See the respective man pages for all of these for more information.

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