At 12:15 PM -0800 1/8/04, Matt Staroscik wrote:
When I connect my PocketPC to my Samba server, the device has a
very strange name in smblog:

netbios connect: local=server remote=_cerdrc9cb8005
     _cerdrc9cb8005 ( connect to service Music
     as user USER (uid=xxxx, gid=xxxx) (pid 44909)

"_cerdrc9cb8005" is just an example, the exact string changes. My
other samba clients have "normal" names in the log.

Where is Samba getting this string from?

Note the part: _cerdrc9cb8005 (

I would guess that means _cerdrc9cb8005 is considered the hostname
for IP address  Do you have a DHCP server setup?  If
not, the PocketPC may be picking a name out of thin air.  That is
what I would guess is happening.

However, I believe the message you're talking about is one that
you can specify the format of.  None of my logfiles look like
the line that you have.  (I'm running samba 2.2.8a).  Check your
smb.conf file and see what you have in that line.

(it might be that you ARE seeing the default line -- because I
certainly do customize the messages on my server...)

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