On Thursday 08 January 2004 06:19 pm, Vahric MUHTARYAN wrote:
> Hi Everybody ,
>             I don't know Who can answer it or Do FreeBSD creaters watching
> this list but I wonder What is the end of FreeBSD OS.
> I mean Does it like RedHat ?! one day will come and FreeBSD will inform "
> After that , We are Not Free " !!!!

I understand your point. RedHat has done something odd by splitting off. 
Redhat is now Enterprise (for those that will pay) and Fedora (Think of it as 
StarOffice and OpenOffice).

I seen how LindowsOS has gone too over the past 18 months. From an almost free 
OS to almost a pay for everything.

In any event - I have been with FreeBSD since 2.x.x and its still been free 
with the option to buy the CD's. Will they fall the same way as the before 
mentioned? I doubt it.

Best regards,

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