At 2:19 AM +0200 1/9/04, Vahric MUHTARYAN wrote:
Hi Everybody ,

            I don't know Who can answer it or Do FreeBSD creators
watching this list but I wonder What is the end of FreeBSD OS.

I mean Does it like RedHat ?! one day will come and FreeBSD will
inform "After this date, We are Not Free" !!!!

RedHat is a company, with employees it has to pay, and shareholders that it has to answer to. They *must* have a standalone business model -- one that allows them to make money.

FreeBSD is still a group of volunteers, some who work for companies
and some who work for fun.  The companies do not make money from
FreeBSD directly, but by using FreeBSD to get "something else"
done, and they make the money from "something else".  In my case,
I work for a college.  The college doesn't actually care at all
about FreeBSD, but they pay me to make sure "Printing" works.  I
happen to do that with some programs from FreeBSD, so any work
that I do on "printing" could be given back to FreeBSD without
my college caring about it.

Note that RedHat is not the only source for linux, so there are
still ways to get linux for free.  In fact, you can still get it
for free from RedHat, but it's called Fedora and it will change
at a much faster pace than Redhat used to change.  To my mind,
Fedora is pretty much the same idea as the freebsd-current branch.
A cutting-edge product, appropriate for people who have the time
to deal with the constant stream of (possibly incompatible)

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