Dear list:
I hope think this is not off-topic, and is just about running a script in
FBSD to delete specific lines in a flat file based on info in another flat

My scripting skills are very limited and need help on how to purge my mail
lists. We maintain several majordomo mail lists on a Tech magazine site
( with 60,000 readers. Needless to say, it is real tedious
to try and keep the lists up to date (groan).

I have scripted a way to capture the bounces (by list) into a plain text
file (1 address per line), but haven't figured out how to purge those from
the lists. In other words, if the address is found in the bounce list, then
delete from the main lists (also one address per line).

I'd appreciate suggestions on how to do this.

Thanks for any responses. :-)

Best regards,
Jack L. Stone,

Sage American
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