On 09/01/04 09:19 -0600, Jack L. Stone wrote:
> Dear list:
> I hope think this is not off-topic, and is just about running a script in
> FBSD to delete specific lines in a flat file based on info in another flat
> file.
> My scripting skills are very limited and need help on how to purge my mail
> lists. We maintain several majordomo mail lists on a Tech magazine site
> (www.antennex.com) with 60,000 readers. Needless to say, it is real tedious
> to try and keep the lists up to date (groan).
> I have scripted a way to capture the bounces (by list) into a plain text
> file (1 address per line), but haven't figured out how to purge those from
> the lists. In other words, if the address is found in the bounce list, then
> delete from the main lists (also one address per line).
> I'd appreciate suggestions on how to do this.

One way to to it would be to use grep(1). 

grep -i -v -f <file of deletes> <master list> > <outfile>

The resulting outfile will have no instances of the delete list

Thats one way to do it.

Good Luck,
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