On Fri, 9 Jan 2004 16:51:16 +0100

> Good morning,
> I'm a student in Computer Science at university of Bologna (Italy). I'm
> developing a project called "Scheduling Algorithms In Modern Operating
> Systems" and i'm writing you to ask some documentation on it. In particular,
> i'd like to find informations about type of scheduler in FreeBSD, threads and
> multithreading managing and priority assignment. It'd be very helpful for
> me if you could drive me to some good articles or any other type of documents
> on it. It'd be usefull to have infos on how it's changed FreeBSD scheduler
> till the last version 5.X.
> I'm going to send this email and research results to some of the most famous
> italian online magazines to help tham write a good article on this subject
> and the different engineering strategies taken by different operating systems
> developing teams.
> Hoping to have your attention.


That should answer some of your questions. Afaik most of this would be best
answered by looking at the sources... can't think of any docs over some of it...
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