Yes, looks like reboot does not cleanly unmount the filesystems so the fsck is run on boot. The strange thing is if I stoped all the daemons and tried to unmount /var, the machine freezes.

This part is also strange:
I've started to move /var things to /usr, just because I didn't know what to do more. I've moved /var/log to /usr ... then I've moved postfix spool to /usr and discovered that now, /usr is not freeing it's space any more and /var is begining to free it's space if i create and delete something from it.

Strange... I've upgraded postfix from 2.0.13 to 2.0.16 and now the disks are freeing space for 3 days now. It's early to say that fixed the problem but at this time it looks like it.

Don't ask how, i don't get it, can not find any connection between postfix and this problem.

Does this make a bell ring to anyone ? :-)

Lowell Gilbert wrote:
Is the fsck needed on reboot? That would be a hint...

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