I was able to get my network up and running with the suggestions below. To review, my setup is the following:

ISP FreeBSD Gateway Win2k Box

ALL         DHCP

rl0 is connected to the modem by ethernet and set for DHCP, the ISP's method of address asignment. rl1 is the second NIC in the BSD box, and is connected by crossover cable to the Win2k box. FreeBSD box and Win2k box can successfully ping each other, and both FreeBSD box and Win2k have working internet access. Everything is running A-OK.

If I wish to host WinVNC on the Win2k box, do I need to make any changes to the Gateway? Specifically, WinVNC requires the Win2k box to be listening on 5800 and 5900; I have opened these ports (and these ports only) on the Win2k box. Do I need to change rc.conf or any other files on the gateway to specify that all incoming connections on 5800 and 5900 be forwarded from rl0 to rl1? Am I gonna have to step up to IPFW (yuck!) ??


Mike Maltese wrote:

(1) in /etc/rc.conf, I added the following
natd_interface="rl0" ### public interface connected to cable modem
defaultrouter="" ### LAN machines use this
ifconfig_rl0="DHCP" ### Astound uses dhcp
ifconfig_rl1="inet netmask" ### use for LAN

As a first step, try adding these lines to rc.conf:


This will enable diversion of all traffic to natd. Read the man pages for
natd and ipfw and
for more information.

The easiest way to reinitialize the system is to type "shutdown now". This
will drop you into single user mode. Press return when prompted for a shell.
Hit Ctrl+D and the rc system will be run through and put you back into
multi-user mode. Check for connectivity from the router and the Windows box.

As a side note, you can delete the defaultrouter entry. That's for your
FreeBSD box, not LAN clients. It's getting reset by dhclient when it gets
lease information from your ISP's DHCP server anyway.

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