The quick start instructions for the FreeBSD documentation project say

2. Get a local copy of the FreeBSD doc tree. Either use CVSup in checkout mode to do this, or get a full copy of the CVS repository locally.

I have, so far, used CVSup to reconcile sources and ports and docs, but I'm confused now. According to the man page for CVSup, checkout mode is not the default, and will only be used if a tag or a date are specified. If I want to obey the instruction from the documentation project, what do I want to do with my /etc/cvsupfile if mine currently looks like this:

*default  base=/usr
*default  prefix=/usr
*default  release=cvs
*default  tag=RELENG_5_2
*default  delete use-rel-suffix

*default tag=.

At the moment, the doc section does not seem to have a tag, so does that mean I'm not using checkout mode to update my doc tree?


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