On Sun, Jan 11, 2004 at 08:33:53AM +0000, Robert Downes wrote:
> The quick start instructions for the FreeBSD documentation project say
>     2. Get a local copy of the FreeBSD doc tree. Either use CVSup in 
> checkout mode to do this, or get a full copy of the CVS repository locally.
> I have, so far, used CVSup to reconcile sources and ports and docs, but 
> I'm confused now. According to the man page for CVSup, checkout mode is 
> not the default, and will only be used if a tag or a date are specified. 
> If I want to obey the instruction from the documentation project, what 
> do I want to do with my /etc/cvsupfile if mine currently looks like this:
> *default  host=cvsup.uk.FreeBSD.org
> *default  base=/usr
> *default  prefix=/usr
> *default  release=cvs
> *default  tag=RELENG_5_2
> *default  delete use-rel-suffix
> src-all
> *default tag=.
> ports-all
> doc-all
> At the moment, the doc section does not seem to have a tag, so does that 
> mean I'm not using checkout mode to update my doc tree?

The right tag for docs is . (period), one could say that doc is "-CURRENT".

I wrote a quick guide on how to keep your docs up to date, maybe it
could help you:


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