On Sat, 10 Jan 2004 17:32:39 -0800 (PST)
Alex <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I'm setting up cdbakeoven on FreeBSD 4.8 and I'm
> trying to burn a set of MP3 files to an audio CD.
> Everything works fine if I only burn a single track,
> but when I try to do more than one it appears to trip
> over itself when writing to the /tmp directory. Here's
> the results of "dump", the error message seems to be
> on the last line with  "no such file or directory..."


> Burn failed!

 I have been struggling with this same problem.

 The part that puzzles me is "No read access for
'/usr/tmp/cdbo_audio_1_10_17_55_31.wav etc..'"

 It doesn't seem to be a permissions problem because I too have run as
root plus changed permissions on everything to world readable.

Eric F Crist wrote:
> Do you have cdrecord installed?  It seems as if this program depends
> on it.  If so, make sure it's been installed to the directory that
> cdbakeoven expects it in.  If not, either create a link, or change the
> config for cdbakeoven.io 

[earth] /home/paul: which cdrecord
[earth] /home/paul: which cdbakeoven

 From cdrecord(1):
 To record a pure CD-DA (audio) at single speed, with each track
contained in a file named track01.cdaudio, track02.cdaudio, etc: 

    cdrecord -v speed=1 dev=2,0 -audio track*.cdaudio 

 I wonder if the way cdbakeoven feeds multiple track names to cdrecord
is the problem? (note wild card)

 Anyway, keep me CC'ed if anyone has any solutions.

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