How do you do!

I've got FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE from

I have a small net with switch Cisco Catalyst 2950 and Cisco Router
2650. The purpose is to replace 2650 router.

I've include vlan support in kernel. Correspondingly, my /etc/rc.conf : 
ifconfig_rl0="inet netmask"
cloned_interfaces="vlan0 vlan1 vlan2"
ifconfig_vlan0="inet netmask vlan 2
vlandev rl0"
ifconfig_vlan0_alias0="inet yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy netmask"
ifconfig_vlan0_alias1="inet zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz netmask"
ifconfig_vlan1="inet netmask vlan 3
vlandev rl0"
ifconfig_vlan2="inet netmask vlan 4 vlandev

Catalyst settings were write because it works with cisco router.

When I'd reboot my FreeBSD machine I saw that my FreeBSD router didn't
forward packets between interfaces.
# tail -f /var/log/messages
Jan 12 06:41:16 router kernel: vlan1: discard oversize frame (ether type
800 flags 3 len 1514 > max 1510)

I have change my mty to 1514 but it didn't help.

How can I repair that?

With respect,
Dmitriy Kurilov.

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