On Mon, 2004-01-12 at 05:52, David Miller wrote: 
> Hi All;
> I've spent the last two days trying to get speak freely (Internet voice
> program with encryption, see 

If you are intending to use this out of more than just curiosity you
might want to look at alternatives like some of the OpenH323 clients
(eg. net/gnomemeeting), as this particular program will be officially
'End of Life'ed by its author on the 15th of this month.

> I believe I have a full duplex card running properly.  I can play a CD and
> mp3's at the same time, and have both come out the speakers at once.  It
> shows up as:

Full Duplex doesn't mean that you can play two things at once.. it means
that your sound card (and it's drivers) are able to record and playback
at the same time.

> Speakfreely was first installed from ports, then compiled in half duplex
> mode.  If I launch sfspeaker -d from one window, and sfmike -d some.host
> from another, I get the following error from sfspeaker:
> new:dmiller$ sfspeaker -d
> sfspeaker: packet lost by half-duplex muting.
> sfspeaker: packet lost by half-duplex muting.
> sfspeaker: packet lost by half-duplex muting.

This is exactly what's supposed to happen when you compile it with half
duplex mode enabled. You should recompile it without defining
HALF_DUPLEX (which should be the default) if you want this behaviour to

> One other thing that seems odd is that sound from the mike comes through
> the speakers even when sfmike is "paused".

If this is sound from your locally connected mic, then this is probably
a mixer 'input source' issue more than anything else. Try playing with
the 'rec' and 'mic' input level and see if it makes any difference.


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