On Sun, Jan 11, 2004 at 03:50:03PM +0000, mgmcomm @hotmail.com wrote:

> When a cron or periodic task creates an email to say root...it gets mailed
> to [EMAIL PROTECTED] instead of [EMAIL PROTECTED] Which results in an
> error message

That's by design, believe it or not.  'root' is a member of class E --
Exposed Users -- whose e-mail addresses won't be rewritten by
genericstable processing or the like.

Well I used to be able to do this. Is this a 5.x design? How might I be able to get it to work the way it used to?

This behavior doesn't seem limited to root. but to kib and virtualuser as well. I can only assume hat it applies to any alias or real user.

> Jan  7 03:03:01 butters sm-mta[1511]: i07331me001498: SYSERR(root):
> butters.kibserv.org. config error: mail loops back to me (MX problem?)

On your mail host, you need to add the names of all of the hosts you
provide mail service for to the /etc/mail/local-host-names file, one
per line.

My mail host is qmail/vpopmail. Actually its Matt Simerson's mail toaster at http://matt.simerson.net. My local-host-names is actually a mysql table and considering the number of machines involved this is going to be a difficult task to maintain unless I can find a way to use some sort of globing (*.domain.com or such). Although this problem is for the toaster mailing list to assist me on if it comes down to that.

This mail host is set to accept all mail for kibserv.org and example.com. Both are test domains. It seems to receive mail just fine when it gets [EMAIL PROTECTED] but not say [EMAIL PROTECTED] Actually I don't even think [EMAIL PROTECTED] ever gets to the mail host...if I dig for mx records on host.domain.com it comes up with no answer and the default for sendmail it to send mail directly (basically to localhost) when no mx is found. So I suppose a work around would be to add an mx record for every host but that doesn't seem like a clean solution to the problem.

> kibserv.org.               1H IN MX        10 mail.kibserv.org.

> mail.kibserv.org.  1H IN CNAME     stan.kibserv.org.
> stan.kibserv.org.  1H IN A

Not relevant to your current problem, but you've got your MX pointed
to a CNAME.  That's bad karma and not permitted by the DNS standards.
You should make mail.kibserv.org into an A record like so:

mail.kibserv.org.       1H IN A
stan.kibserv.org.       1H IN A

and similarly, provide PTR records for both names:

$ORIGIN 0.0.10.in-addr.arpa.

8       1H      IN      PTR     mail.kibserv.org.
                        PTR     stan.kibserv.org.

Good point. I will reconfigure as you suggest. The cname mail.kibserv.org is mainly useful for getting web mail users to the proper place.

Jason Cribbins

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