Thanks for all the help. I tried to locate a 'Non Plug-and-Play OS'
option in the BIOS setup with no success. I think there aren't anything
like this in my BIOS.

Can someone on this list shed some light how to detect (track) IRQs and



> Yes, it is solvable.  In your system BIOS, make certain that your
system is 
> set to 'Non Plug-and-Play OS.'  This will enable the BIOS to assign 
> appropriate IRQs and such.  You have some conflict, which I'm not 100%

> certain on how to track.  Someone on this list should be able to
answer that 
> part.  Once you figure this out, you should set a line in your kernel
> (not sure on syntax) to the effect of assiging an unused IRQ.  It IS 
> recognizing your sound card and trying to use it, but it's running
into an 
> Input/Output (that's where it gets IO in IO port space) conflict.

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