On Sun, 11 Jan 2004, David Miller wrote:

> So you want packets for 60.6.* to go out through ISP2?

it is amazing that how something which completely stumps you at 4am,
suddenly becomes so clear after some sleep and coffee at 11am. i added a
route for 60.6/16, but was trying to traceroute 61.6/16. the mistake kept
perpetuating because i kept using the shell's history to run the
traceroute, and the mind could not tell the difference between the 0 and
the 1. my bad, and much apologies. all works fine now.

> Zebra implemets a number of routing protocols, including bgp.  With BGP
> you can pick the best route *out* for your packet, but everyone else's
> BGP sessions will decide the best route *in* for you.  In other words,

to me, if i can pick the source ip address of my _outgoing_ packet, i.e.
on which interface the connection is made, i'd be a happy camper.

since i have two interfaces with two ip addies, the first http connection
can have a 192.168.0/24 ip address, with the flow being carried on fxp0.
the second http connection have have a 10.1/16 address with the flow being
carried on the aue0. that would actually solve the problem, without having
to set up multiple static routes. would this be possible ?

thanx a bunch, david.

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