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I am trying to install FreeBSD 5.1. I have created by means other than the
installation program, a partitioning of my disk (160 Gig), and I want to
install on one of those partitions. I have three primary partitions and one
extended where I have installed Linux in one logical partition. I want
FreeBSD to go in another logical partition. When I installed 4.7 in another
computer, I had no problems whatsoever. But with 5.1 the partitioning
utility only sees the primary partitions, the first three and the extended
one as a whole. It sees the extended partition as one partition without the
logical ones created there. Apparently I must have the partition for FreeBSD
as FAT, but other tools do not help me because the partition is too large to
be FAT.

For some reason the max size of a FAT partition on FreeBSD is limited to 137Gig.

If you want a dualboot linux/FreeBSD (and windows) and have a shared area for all of them I would recomend you to make gaps for the OS you chose to install last (abaut 10 gig is suitable for most OS'es) and make a comon FAT partition on the end of the disk for archive(fat)

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