On Tue, 17 Apr 2018, Kevin Berrien wrote:

> I can confirm an issue posted Dec 3rd, freebsd-stable maillist, titled
> "4.9 install buglet".
> I experience this bug running the install (various configurations) 100%
> of the time.  After install, after system reboot, the boot loader comes
> up with F1: FreeBSD, and reboots continually forever.  To test, I made 3
> installs without issue using 4.8.  So first, I'd like to confirm the bug
> report, and ask the following.

Please qualify "reboots continutally forever."  It reboots after printing
the F1: FreeBSD message, or after you press a key, or what?

This sounds like a BIOS issue. boot0 uses only BIOS calls to do its work.
Lots of problems like this are also caused by bad drive geometry.

What is the partition layout on the disk(s) in the system? Hardware

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