On Mon, Jan 12, 2004 at 11:56:41PM -0500, Dragoncrest wrote:
> Hi all.  Just getting ready to build a new workstation using Freebsd 4.9
> (*and eventually 5.x once it reaches the classification of "stable") for
> up at my job and I'm curious of what motherboard and hard drive would be
> best to use under Freebsd for maximum compatibility with as few issues
> as possible.  Right now I'm looking at 3 different motherboards,
> although I'm up for suggestions of other ones if these three really
> aren't right for the job.
> MSI K7N2 Delta (nforce)
> Asus A7N8X (nforce)
> Asus A7V8X (via)
> Also, what brand of HD do you guys trust most?  What works best with
> Freebsd?  I'm probubly going to pick up a pair of 80g Western Digitals,
> but again I'm open to other suggestions.  Any suggestions are greatly
> apreciated.  Thanks.

I'd go with the KT400a based board.  I've had nothing but trouble mixing 
FreeBSD with nforce2 boards.  As far as hard drives, one IDE drive is pretty 
much like another in my opinion.

Josh Paetzel

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