On Mon, 12 Jan 2004, David Miller wrote:

> Isn't this equivilent to selecting the outbound route?  You want to
> select 10.a.b.c uf you want the connection routed out ISP 1 and
> 192.168.x.y otherwise.

yes it is.

> There are bizzare cases where it might make sense to try and load
> balance two broadband connections, but they're really special cases and
> don't have general purpose solutions:(

and what i want to try doing is a bizarre case, load balancing without
handling bgp. off the cuff, perhaps a hook or a netgraph node which round
robins my source ip address over the two interfaces. of course, once a
flow goes over one particular interface, it'd always use that interface
till that connection is torn down. in cases where HTTP/1.1 is used without
keep alives for example, each IMG could be pulled over a different
interface, in effect multiplexing both connections.

perhaps, i'll go read up on netgraph implementations and try something

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