Dear Sirs,

 I am writing to you because I have some problem with recently installed Unix
FreeBSD 5.1.
 I must say you that I am new user of FreeBSD, and therefore I need some advice.
And here is my problem: when I installed FreeBSD and added KDE environment as
the default X Window environment for my system, everything was perfect, except
the fact that I cannot enable xdm to log in X Window environment properly
(HERE IS THE CORE OF THE PROBLEM: when I enabled xdm in etc/ttys file, then
after rebooting xdm started, but when I entered login and password, xdm, again,
started, that is, this program was like cycled)
instead of logging in console. I strictly followed the instructions given in
Chapter 5 of the FreeBSD Handbook, but I couldn't do anything about it. May be
the problem is that the instructions are not enough detailed for me.

 That is why I ask you to help me. Thank you in advance.

 Yours sincerely,

 Vadym Yepishov,
 Ukrainian fan of FreeBSD
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