Kent Stewart wrote:
On Tuesday 13 January 2004 02:35 am, sms wrote:

Hi, fyi

Did a ports upgrade on a FreeBSD4.8 system
01/13/04 10:50am GMT+1.

The reason for this upgrade was to test newer versions of
ImageMagic, because of problems with the one currently installed

It fails in the resize function (used in conjunction with Zope and
the Zope product Photo. Photo uses ImageMagic)

A build of ImageMagic-5.5.7-14 fails as follows:

Did you update jasper? Since I have -14 installed, it looks like you have some out of date dependancies that have to be upgrade before ImageMagick can be.


I did in a complete (well not really true, excluded the non-English
ports, like ports-chinese etc) ports collection update.

My Makefile in /usr/ports/graphics/jasper has the following:
PORTVERSION=    1.700.5
which is the latest, isnt it?

There should not be any problems on a ports upgraded FreeBSD4.8
based system (vs FreeBSD4.9) should there?

On beforehand, thank you.


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