I understand my question officially can only be answered to still use 4.9.
I just wonder if anyone has used the 5.x for similar services as I plan to
do, successfully or not.


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>> Subject: How "safe" is 5.2 to use?
>> Hello list,
>> I am relatively new to the world of FreeBSD. But first, congrats to the
>> new release! I am somewhat insecure on how trustfully I can use the new
>> release for my intended use (and I hope my questions haven't been
>> posted a
>> zillion times before). Therefore I hope the FreeBSD nuts can advise me
>> whether to go for 4.9 or 5.2.
> Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC wrote:
>> On Jan 13, 2004, at 4:45 AM, Vahric MUHTARYAN wrote:
>>> Hi ,
>>> You have to use FreeBSD 4.9, because you can see in freebsd web page
>>> prodcution version is 4.9. and please test it maybe you will see you
>>> can not
>>> install 5.2 on your hardware because when I try to install 5.1 on my
>>> intel
>>> platform I faced a problem then now I'm using 4.9 . Everybody will
>>> say that
>>> wait until more tested version and now its 4.9
>> Which begs the question.  Will FBSD 5 ever be deemed worthy for
>> production use?  Over the last year it was said in this list:  5.1 is
>> still a testing version not recommended for production, but 5.2 will
>> be better suited for production.
>> I intend to transition a less used production server from 4.7 to 5.2
>> sometime in the next month, and we'll see how it goes.    There are
>> certain things I would like from 5...
>> Chad
> The "roadmap" now says that 5.X will branch to
> -STABLE around the time of 5.3, instead of the
> earlier prediction of 5.2.  It seems likely that
> folks will take that with a grain of salt, but
> perhaps we can be appreciative of the fact that
> the RELENG team wants a little extra time to
> make sure things are, well, stable before they
> name it as such.
> It's not unlike a lot of other projects; I've created
> a website in two weeks, and I've another that's
> crawled on for well over a year.  Some things are
> that way, and let's remember the adage "beggars
> can't be choosers."  I think it would be difficult to
> find a large project that hasn't suffered from things
> like "feature creep...."  For a "free" (in the best
> sense of the word) OS, we've got a Good Thing going here.
> FWIW, I'm running 5.1 pretty well in a server environment
> at the present, and just built 5.2 yesterday; everything
> seems normal and is working well (pending successful completion
> of portupgrade, sometime tomorrow, probably ;-) )....
> Kevin Kinsey
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