Why don't you start at the beginning and tell us about the PC you
installed 4.6 on?

Is this an pre Y2K box?

What operating system was on it before?

Have you ever used the floppy drive before?

Does the floppy ready light flash when you power up the PC and boot?

What command are you using to try to mount the cd drive?
You know the drive  works because you installed from it.

Have you checked the PC's bio's to verify that the com ports are
enabled and the floppy drive is enabled?

Is the modem powered up before you boot FBSD?

Have you used the modem before?

Can you prove it works on another system?

Does this command connect to your com port with the external modem?
Tip comx  where x is the com port number that has modem

If it connects enter  AT   for the hayes attention command. Should
reply with  OK

Use ~ the . keyboard keys to exit tip command.

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On Tuesday, January 13, 2004, at 10:29 AM, Andrew Boothman wrote:

> How are you trying to mount your floppy? "mount -t msdos /dev/fd0
> /mnt"?

Well, I was just naively trying mount /dev/fd0 /mnt, but now I've
it as you suggest, and again gotten "Device not configured". This is
also what fdformat gives me when I try to format the disk. I'm also
unable so far to mount the CD drive.

>  Are your serial ports probed correctly during boot? Look at
> "dmesg|grep cuaa".

Now, that's interesting. I get results for sio, but nothing for cuaa

All the best,

        John A

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