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Vulpes Velox <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I've been trying to create a a bootable CD using freesbie. I ran into
> problems getting that to work. It failed to boot and the same thing
> happened upon reburn.
> I then went to download a the 4.9 install iso to see if it was a
> possible problem with the image that was created. The iso passed the
> check sum, but after burning it, it would not boot too.
> I've managed to verify that it is possible of booting from that drive
> using a old win98 install disc I have laying around. The install for
> that comes up fine.
> I've also tried it at different speeds and have gotten the same
> results.
> Any ideas?

What method are you using to burn the CD?  If it's a method that's
worked for you in the past, it sounds like you might have some flaky

(Also note: there's a problem with the current FreeSBIE scripts for
creating working 4.x FreeSBIEs.  They fail to copy a required file onto
the CD - and when they do, it still won't detect your hard drives
without another minor change.  I've posted patches to the freesbie
mailing list that fix these problems, you might want to apply them
before trying to make another FreeSBIE.)

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