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> If you want them to carry IPv6 traffic.  To phrase it differently, you
> shouldn't use the same IPv6 address on multiple interfaces, but you don't
> have to run IPv6 on all interfaces.

Gotcha.  OK, back to being on-topic for FreeBSD: how would I assign v6
addresses to those interfaces?  I'm running rtadvd on that machine and it's
my understanding that sending and accepting advertisements on the same host
is a no-no.  Should I just give them all static assignments in /etc/rc.conf?
And is there any suggested way for "inventing" the addresses for those

>> "link-local"?  Is there a decent (English language) FAQ that's readable
>> by technical users who aren't networking experts?


That refers to:


...which does not resolve.  :-/
Kirk Strauser

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