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On Tuesday, January 13, 2004, at 01:05 PM, fbsd_user wrote:

Why don't you start at the beginning and tell us about the PC you
installed 4.6 on?

It's an eMachines etower 600is

Is this an pre Y2K box?

Shouldn't be--I bought it new at Frye's in early 2001.

What operating system was on it before?

The primary drive has Windows ME on it. 4.6 is on the secondary drive.

Have you ever used the floppy drive before?


Does the floppy ready light flash when you power up the PC and boot?

Good question--I'll check that next time I do so.

What command are you using to try to mount the cd drive?

mount /dev/cd* /mnt #No, I didn't use the *--but I tried all the /dev/cd* entries, one at a time, just as I did the /dev/fd* entries.

You know the drive works because you installed from it.


Have you checked the PC's bio's to verify that the com ports are
enabled and the floppy drive is enabled?

No--I'll do that next time through, too. However, see below for why I'm pretty sure the com ports (at least) are enabled.

Is the modem powered up before you boot FBSD?


Have you used the modem before?


Can you prove it works on another system?

It works on this one while running Windows ME--I tested that.

Does this command connect to your com port with the external modem?
Tip comx  where x is the com port number that has modem

If it connects enter  AT   for the hayes attention command. Should
reply with  OK

It replies "connected" and is now hung. I never got to enter AT.

Use ~ the . keyboard keys to exit tip command.

The keyboard is now unresponsive, both to the ~ commands (~. and ~?) and to Alt-F3ing to another logon window. Power cycling...

I did not see the floppy light--I had it disconnected while adding the secondary drive. I'll check that next time it's powered down. The floppy is enabled in BIOS. Serial port A is Auto, the floppy disk controlled is Enabled.

I'm going to leave it in BIOS setup while I do some things with my daughter--back in a bit.


John A

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