On Wednesday 14 January 2004 14:42, budsz wrote:
> 1. With FreeBSD can do like this?, example with "route(8)"?
> 2. Does FreeBSD support more than 1 as "defaut gateway" in routing table??
> 3. I found some options in /etc/default/rc.conf like "static_routes=",
>    if I use "static_routes=" _WITHOUT_ defaut gateway (defaultrouter= in
>    /etc/rc.conf) it's possible?
> 4. In that URL using "weight" as prority balancing connection, so in
>    FreeBSD how do this?

I've been looking for answers on this for a while but I found nothing nor 
no-one who could tell me if and how it is possible.
Let the list know if you find anything interesting.


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