I'm having problems with my network connection timing out during large

  It's connected to a 10Mbit hub so it's not topping out at the card's
maximum throughput.

  Originally I had a Realtek 8139 card but yesterday I dumped that in
favour of a Netgear FA311 (sis chipset) and this seemed to solve all
timeout problems of sustained transfers (saturating the connection for a
sustained period of time).

  However, I've just had a couple more timeouts in the last few hours.
Obviously I was never sure it was the NIC in the first place but I can't
ignore the fact I had a good 20GB transferred without problem yesterday
(as opposed to usually around 1GB before the card dies).

  Data is being uploaded to a Samba server, which reports no errors in
the log (and I have no problems uploading a 100Mbit from inside my
network).  The server is running 4.9-RELEASE and the drive the data is
going to is a vinum volume (in case that has any bearing).

  I'm using ipnat to forward port 139 to inside a jail.  Finally, my IP
is assigned by a DHCP server -- the lease length is 24h but my IP is
static (for the last four months, anyway ;).

  Any suggestions for the best way to go about tracking the problem
down?  If anybody needs any more details just ask and I'll do my best to

  Thanks very much,


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