On Wednesday 14 January 2004 17:30, Tillman Hodgson wrote:
> I'm a heavy Zebra (migrating to Quagga) user. Using dynamic routing is
> very handy, but it won't solve the problem of balancing load across two
> connections.

Thanks for the feedback :)

> So you can't round-robin between two default gateways. You /can/,
> however, send traffic for different destinations out of different links.
> For example, I send my nightly CVSup traffic and other automated
> downloads out of a regular ADSL link in order to prevent swamping my
> main link.

What I'm hoping to do is find a way to route all paquets coming:
- from DMZ to internet, using NET connexion1
- from LAN to internet, using NET connection2

To be more understandable, something like this:
route add from DMZ defaut em0
route add from LAN defaut em1
--> I know it is not a real command line, it's just to make things clearer.

> If your upstream providers support dynamic routing protocols, then you
> can get that destination information automatically. But that's not the
> same as load balancing, it's best-path selection.

And if it doesn't ?

Anyway thanks a lot for answering.


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