Marwan Sultan wrote:

When I plug the network cable From the Modem router directly to my FreeBSD in the first NIC rl0 it doesnot take the internet connection.
and nor the light in the rl0 lights.!

     So to solve the problem, I have a small HUB i pluged the cable from
     the router to hub (uplink) and from the HUB to rl0 then everything
     works fine, and the NIC light comes on, and NATd works great
     also all clients have the internet access.

The question is:
Why the network cable from Modem router to box directly doesnot
work in the time from Modem router to HUB and from HUB to BSD box works fine?

In order to directly connect two computers (or your computer and modem in this case) together using ethernet, you need a special type of ethernet cable called a crossover cable - which is simply a normal ethernet cable wired slightly differently.

The cable you are using must not be a crossover cable - and so it works between a computer and a hub, but not directly between two computers.

You should be able to find more information on Google if you need it.

Hope that helps.


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