Quintin Riis wrote:

Berkeley Software Distribution
Advanced Micro Devices
Scalable Processor ARChitecture


Kevin R. Lee wrote:

Hello, I was wondering what BSD stands for? Also what does AMD and Ultra SPARC stand for? Any information would be very helpful..

Umm, and what does Google stand for? Anyone? It _surely_ isn't a search engine, right?

Sorry, really couldn't help it. People often enough (including myself) ask on lists for info that could be dug up in the Handbook or some list searching, but asking after obviously not even bothering to even attempt to do any 'homework' on Google (or other search engine) can quickly take a very useful mailing list and turn it into a waste of space....even moreso when 'abused' (IMHO of course) by several more followups, any one of which could have been found in less time than it took to get a response from the (overly gracious) list....


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