Hello all.

I want to secure the network traffic of the users on my LAN, I want to
secure the MSN and ICQ data so people on the building can't use a sniffer
and watch the conversations.

I have something like this:

    Internet                                Internet
      ^                                       ^
      |                                       |
    router ( sniffer in here )                |
      |                                       |
      |                                       |
      |                                       |
FBSD server   <------ VPN/IPSEC  ------>   FBSD server on a secure network
   | LAN |

Right now i have an tunnel with IPSEC to another FreeBSD Server the one is
on a secure network and on a different building, what i was thinking to
do, was to install a proxy on the Secure FreeBSD server and configure the
MSN/ICQ clients to use that proxy so only that traffic could go out using
the secure network.

I would like to know if there is a better option for securing this
communications, or if this idea is fine and what proxy software do you
recommend to install for doing this.

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