On Wed, Jan 14, 2004 at 11:11:22PM -0500, Duane Winner wrote:
> I now understand how to use cvsup to keep my src and ports tree current.
> I know how to use pkg_add -r to install new sotware, or go into
> /usr/ports/whatever to make install. I know how to do portupgrade to
> upgrade my installed ports, how to pkg_version -v to see what's out of
> date with my tree, and how to cronjob cvsup to keep my trees current. (I
> still need to play more with make world and whatnot)

I think you've got the right tools, you jsut need to use them in
different ways.

> One thing that concerns me, at least on the laptops, is the amount of
> time spent compiling new software as it is release, seeing as how we
> will be running x, gnome and Yahweh knows what else....

You have enough machines to justify using a build host: a single machine
that simply builds ports into packages (or compiles buildworld and
buildkernel into the /usr/obj directory). You can then do binary
installs off of the build host via NFS. It's a very handy architecture
because it allows you to do offload the work of building to a separate
server and roll out to other machines when it's convenient. It also
helps ensure that other machines stay uniform and allows new machines to
rolled out with little effort.


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