On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, Rommel B. Ikeda wrote:

> Thank you very much for the reply...
> This was what was in my /etc/hosts before your response...
>       ::1             IBM-R40e [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> This is my new /etc/hosts now:
>       ::1             localhost
>       localhost

Domain names should not contain "@" characters.

> I had to supply [EMAIL PROTECTED] because Gnome 2 complains
> that it can not find it...So, I just invented it...I hope that it is
> right...
> One thing I do not I understand is that when I do:
>       %host localhost.
> It will be give a "Host not found" response...But, my system is working
> fine...What do you think is wrong with it...

The "host" command doesn't use the full resolver; it uses DNS queries

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