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I do not know if the "Subject Name" was the right one for it...because I really do not know what is going on...

I have been seeing this message...

554.5.3.0 host "localhost" unknown: Invalid Argument
Jan.... IBM-R40e sm-mta [417] NOQUEUE:SYSERR (root)"localhost" unknown: Invalid Argument

Sendmail is trying to convert the hostname 'localhost' into an IP
number.  Not being able to do that is not good.

You should have at least an entry for localhost in your /etc/hosts: localhost

You might also have the IPv6 equivalent:

::1 localhost

and having the same information available from the DNS is quite handy:

   % host localhost.
   localhost has address
   localhost has address ::1
   localhost mail is handled (pri=5) by localhost

Note: you will also tend to have entries for
'' -- these are fine, but not as important as
the straight 'localhost' entries.

Thank you very much for the reply...
This was what was in my /etc/hosts before your response...

        ::1             IBM-R40e [EMAIL PROTECTED]       IBM-R40e [EMAIL PROTECTED]    IBM-R40e [EMAIL PROTECTED]

This is my new /etc/hosts now:
::1 localhost localhost [EMAIL PROTECTED]

That's good. However, you don't want an '@' sign in a hostname: I guess you probably want that last line to read: IBM-R40e

I had to supply [EMAIL PROTECTED] because Gnome 2 complains
that it can not find it...So, I just invented it...I hope that it is

Possibly. It depends very much on your local configuration. If you have a local ethernet network and there is an interface configured to use that address, then that's good. If you don't have a local network using that address then you might get 'No route to host' type errors, in which case you can attach the hostname as an alias to the loopback interface, just so long as the localhost stuff is there as well: localhost IBM-R40e

I am using an IBM Thinkpad...and I use it in the office and of course at home...
When I am in the office...I get to use as my IP address in our network...
In my home...where only I can access this Email...I have an ADSL connection...and automatically gets to have and IP from my ISP's DHCP server...
Is this correct if I will have my /etc/hosts as below:
::1 localhost localhost IBM-R40e IBM-R40e

Thank you for any advice...and of course for the responses...

One thing I do not I understand is that when I do:
%host localhost.
It will be give a "Host not found" response...But, my system is working
fine...What do you think is wrong with it...

That just means you haven't got the localhost stuff set up in the DNS servers you use. That's OK -- having the DNS support is entirely optional, so long as you have the right settings in /etc/hosts.



I am not so sure about my knowledge in DNS...but I can assure you that I have read the chapter about DNS in "The Complete FreeBSD" and for almost many times now...but still...I don't seem to get it...too complicated for me...I will get back at it again...and maybe again...
I have /etc/resolv.conf which contains my primary and secondary DNS from my ISP...but everytime I use my PC in the gets changed...maybe by our DHCP server...

...many thanks...

Rommel Ikeda
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