On Thu, 15 Jan 2004 15:47:08 +0000, Donald Turnbull wrote:

> I'm a newbie to your OS, Does Free BSD have the KDE and Gnome GUI already 
> installed? 

"Already" installed? No. A large number people want to run FreeBSD on their
servers, and having a GUI on a server isn't usually a good or desired
thing. Another large number of people want a GUI but don't want KDE or
Gnome, so forcing this onto them would also be a disservice.

FreeBSD is partially about choice. The same as it promotes OS choice in a
world dominated by Windows, it also allows and encourages choice in its
components, notably the "window manager" or (in the case of Gnome and KDE)
the "desktop environment". Or the use of one altogether, as in the case for

HOWEVER... it is insanely easy to install, with one command, via ports. The
ports tree is your friend, and perhaps one of FreeBSD's most notable
advantages over all other OSes. There are over 10,000 items in the ports
tree that are no more than a "make clean install" away. You can take a
vanilla FreeBSD install, install Gnome and have it install all it's
bazillion dependencies (and XFree86 and all ITS dependencies) all in one
swoop with a single command.

> Do you have plans in making the installation more user friendly 
> in the future?

It really isn't all that bad now. I'm guessing you'd prefer a GUI
installer, but there are a number of reasons this would Bad Idea and make
more people unhappy than the current system (again, take the case of
servers, or the ability of the current installer to work on pretty much
anything). The biggest problem people have with the FreeBSD installer is
that it is different than what they're used to. Don't condemn it because
you haven't learned the (valid) reasons for its differences, and how to
make use of it. I've spent most my computing life with Windows, but I can
blow through a FreeBSD install within 3-5 mins. Do THAT with Windows. ;-)

Welcome to FreeBSD... hope your stay is a long one!

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