On Thursday 15 January 2004 19:29, Adam Olsen wrote:
> Daniela,
> I see it when I switch to a virtual console only.  When I switch back to
> X, I'm ok again.  Also, if I exit X, I get it the error, but I can
> blindly startx again.

I don't quite understand what you mean. I thought you can't switch back to VT?

> At one point in FreeBSD 4.8 I could switch to the virtual console, but
> everything was wavy - text was moving around (it was really weird).

Could you describe this a bit more? I'm often seeing text moving around, and 
weird colorful stripes on the screen when I switch to X. Viewing a specific 
page in Mozilla triggers this. Unfortunately, I can't just open the debugger 
and see what's going on at this time, because I can hardly see anything on 
the screen.
When you're able to reproduce it, then have a look at the on-screen menu of 
your monitor and check the frequencies, they're probably way too high.

> Thanks,
> Adam Olsen
> Daniela wrote:
> > On Thursday 15 January 2004 17:06, Adam Olsen wrote:
> >>Hello,
> >>
> >>I'm using FreeBSD 5.2-RELEASE and have installed the latest nvidia
> >>drivers available.  Everything works ok _except_ once I load X I cannot
> >>switch back to the virtual console.  I get a "mode out of range" error.
> >>  I had this problem with FreeBSD 4.8 as well.
> >
> > This isn't necessarily nvidia-specific, I have this too with ATI.
> > Where and when exactly do you see the "mode out of range" error?
> >
> > My best guess would be that this is an XFree86 bug.
> >
> > Daniela

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