hi list,
this afternoon i decided to update my freebsd 5.1 box to 5.2. i wanted to
try the binary update through sysinstall to save myself some time. i've done
the source update on my server some months ago to 4-stable, and it worked
just fine.
this is what i did:

selected "base", "src"(did not get updated) and "man" to be updated, entered
the devices and mountpoints and started. after beeing prompted to restart, i
gladly saw the 5.2-release beeing showed at boot and just after that the
kernel crashed with the following message:

Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
fault code: supervisor read, page not present
panic: page fault.

now, after unsuccessfully retrying the proceedure and even trying to
"downgrade" back to 5.1 by booting the 5.1iso and selecting upgrade, i've
booted freesbie and now i'm stuck. is there any hope to save my
installation? i thought of copying the /boot partition from freesbie over to
my wasted 5.1 installation, just to get it booting and then retry updating
by source. i would really love to get all back up like before i started all
this. the system was except some trouble with my soundcard perfect!

to be frank, i didn't read the UPDATING file, because i thought it would
relay to updating by source, so i'm aware of my faulty act.

i would really appreciate help. i'm totally new to this kind of problem with
freebsd; it never rejected to boot on me.

thanks in advance,
Espen Jervidalo

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