On Thu, Jan 15, 2004 at 07:07:48PM -0800, Evan Sayer wrote:
> FreeBSD-
> Please help, this is really important.  I was told that i could get rid 
> of the ^m symbols at the  end of the lines in my web page's html code 
> by using sed.  They said to execute sed "s//^m^m" index.html > 
> index.html or something like that.  This got rid of everything in the 
> file.  I really need this back, so any help would be greatly 
> appreciated.

Unless you have a back up your file is lost. 
If you type:

        command FILE1a ... FILE1z > FILE2 

in your shell, then the shell does the following:

1) it creates an empty file with name FILE2. If there is
already a file with this name it will be !ERASED!

2) it executes the command using FILES1a-FILE1z as arguments

3) writes the result into FILE2.

In your case the shell erased your file "index.html" before it
could use it as an argument to the sed command. Sorry.

- Till
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