I have a problem with doing newfs on FreeBSD 4.9 with "iir" raid driver. My
server works fine until I want to use the whole disk space of my raid 5
system with round about 980GB. A reduced disk space at round about 480GB
works fine but I'am not able to bring FreeBSD setup to work with disk space
bigger than that. During the installation the newfs command don't come to an

So does anyone know a limitation of the newfs command. Do I have to use an
other command than newfs during setup and how is the way to call it. I get a
strange message at the beginning of the fdisk programm that I have to
correct the physical architecture of the disk (cyl/sec(heads). Do I have to
correct it really manually and how do I find the correct one's ?

Thanks for help.

Thomas Schloßbauer, Germany

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