On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, Evan Sayer wrote:
> FreeBSD-
> Please help, this is really important.  I was told that i could get rid
> of the ^m symbols at the  end of the lines in my web page's html code
> by using sed.  They said to execute sed "s//^m^m" index.html >
> index.html or something like that.  This got rid of everything in the
> file.  I really need this back, so any help would be greatly
> appreciated.

NEVER NEVER NEVER do  'sed 'foob' myfile > myfile'.  ALWAYS redirect sed
output to a temp file, then mv the temp file to the original file.

As someone else mentioned, your file is probably gone.  It *may* be
possible to recover the data, or it may not.  Here is a link that might be
useful in giving examples of recovering lost data on UNIX systems:


Your ability to recover the data will depend on a combination of luck and
amount of disk activity since the overwrite.  I don't know enough about
the internals of FreeBSD to know if there are any tools for lost file

David Fleck

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