Jerry McAllister wrote:

Please help, this is really important. I was told that i could get rid of the ^m symbols at the end of the lines in my web page's html code by using sed. They said to execute sed "s//^m^m" index.html > index.html or something like that. This got rid of everything in the file. I really need this back, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

OP, you've gotten all good advice---probably the best
is the "you do have backups, don't you?".  As you learned
the hard way, sed(1) stands for "stream editor"; and it's
impossible to make the river flow in a circle.  Too bad....

I'd probably check my original advice again, and
then complain if this wasn't noted.  We certainly don't
need folks posting bogus info in the Internet ;-)  I've a note
in $HOME in ALL CAPS reminding me of this sed, I
mean sad, fact after a similar mistake some time back.

Someone recomended dosunix (from ports) which is
fine; please be aware of the fact that the same quid
pro quo applies:

$dosunix foobar foobar

will still give you an empty file.

Kevin Kinsey

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