>>>>> Brett Glass writes:

 > I was asked a good question today about how to do some simple tasks using 
 > standard UNIX tools, and am curious what answers people on the list might 
 > come up with.

 > What are the simplest, most efficient ways to:

 > 1) Delete the Nth line from a text file?

sed -e Nd <file

 > 2) Insert a specified line in a file after the Nth line, leaving the rest 
 > of the text the same?
 sed -e 'Na\
line of text' <file

 > 3) Delete the first line containing a particular string?

awk '{if (/string/ && i==0) i++; else print $0}'<file

 > 4) Insert a specified line after the first line containing a particular 
 > string, leaving the rest of the file the same?

You can infer it by yourself after 3)


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