Thaks for the answer. With a "normal" Modem it still runs.
But i want to uce my Frit!-Card (That's an internal ISDN-Adapter) for Dial-in an Fax-in.
I Think i have to install a software, which offers a emulated-modem-device (V 110). How can this be done?


fbsd_user wrote:

PCI modem are manufactured for 2 different target markets, the
MS/Windows market and Non MS/Windows.
The MS/Windows market modems are much cheaper to purchase because
they are missing the onboard controller chip. The function this chip
performs is replaced by an software driver that you have to install
on your MS/Window system. These types of modems are referred to as

FBSD will not work with Winmodems in normal native mode.

Some Winmodems are manufactured using the Lucent chips. There is an
special port "ltmdm" of an Linux driver that will allow FBSD to use
some Winmodems that have Lucent chips. There are many versions of
the Lucent winmodem chips and the port does not work with all
versions. Generally speaking, playing with the "ltmdm" port and
getting it working is not an task for the newbe.

The simplest way to use an modem for the newbe , is to use an
external serial modem that connects to the PCs com ports on the back
of your PC.  USB external modems also come in the winmodem models
and theses will not work with FBSD period.

You should read the documentation that came with your modem, and the
outside of the box it came in, or go to the manufacture's web site
to determine if your modem is an winmodem. You are looking for
something that says includes onboard controller and DSP functions
which means it's not an winmodem.

Review the FBSD boot log /var/run/dmesg.boot file to see if FBSD
finds your modem during the boot process.
If it does then use 'user ppp' to dial out to your ISP. Read the
FBSD handbook about how to set that up. It's not an step by step
procedure, but it will give you enough info to point you in the
correct direction.  If you still have problems then post your
dmesg.boot file so people can see what it says to help you more.

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i'm running FreeBSD 5.2 and want to use my internal AVM Fritz!-Card
establish a Dial-in (56k Modem) and Fax-in Service (14.4k
I' d like to use the mgetty+sendfax package.
How can i establish a suitable device (soft-modem) to use it with
Is i4b the right way?

Thanks for help

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