I just wondering if anyone is still out there who cn actually help me with the 
problem I'm having with devfs and my sound card. devfs did'nt automatically create any 
node I would normally expect to find , [/dev/snd/;/dev/dsp(although it did create 
dsp0.0 and 0.1);
/dev/audio(for the sparc);and /dev/mixer]. now I know that people are busy, getting 
their own sh*t together, however I have been looking for any documetation other than 
the manpage for the last 3 hours on the web and haven't found a thing. I have an old 
optiplex gx1 with onboard sound that worked fine under freebsd 4.8. I see pcm0 in 
dmegboot, and catting sndstat gives me my card.I just want to know what to do to 
create the necessary nodes step by step... thanks

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