Alas, I got no message about "Creating DISK da0". I have double checked all of 
the connections (my machine is set to dual boot with another OS, and 
everything works fine there), so I know it's not a connection issue. Still it 
just refuses to find the drive even though I have set everything up in my 
kernel exactly as it says in the handbook. Any chance someone else out there 
might have run into this?

I hate to sound overly desperate, but as I stare down at the little green 
light on my zip drive while it stubbornly refuses to work, I'm beginning to 
hear a voice in my head that sounds suspiciously like John Cleese when he 
screamed "you vicious bastard!" at his car in the "gourmet night" episode of 
Fawlty Towers. Someone please help me before I start whacking the thing with 
a plant.


On Saturday 17 January 2004 07:13 am, David Fleck wrote:

> Creating DISK da0

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