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Bob Perry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have two PCs, an NT 4.0 box and a FreeBSD 4.8 system.   I'm connected 
> to the internet via dial-up (56k modem) and using the mail system found 
> in Mozilla.  I understood that mail services was a natural with FreeBSD 
> so I thought I would take the opportunity to learn what I could about 
> setting up a mail server.  I've become familiar with SMTP, MUAs, MTAs, 
> qpopper, and fetchmail 

Keep up the good work ;)

> but it seems like some of the more necessary 
> components are a static IP address, 24/7 connection, and accurate DNS 
> information set up on my system.  If this an accurate assessment, I may 
> have to be satisfied setting up my e-mail services for a standalone 
> workstation because I can't afford a static IP address or 24/7 connection.

Hmm, this isn't necessarily true, but because of the spam level this days
people tend not to accept messages from servers that do no have static
ips and proper dns settings - as many spammers usually fit in this category.

> If a full-fledged e-mail server isn't feasible, can I still use software 
> like sendmail, mutt, qpopper, and fetchmail for a standalone 
> workstation? 

Well, yes. You would have to set sendmail to deliver messages through
your ISP SMTP server (like you have now this setting in Mozilla).

> Do they offer any real advantages over the mail systems 
> that come with Mozilla, Netscape, etc.?

I think they do. You could use your FreeBSD box to: 
- fetch mail on cron bases for you and your family email accounts (=>
- deliver mail on cron bases
- pipe the received mail through a spam filter program (I would
recommend dspam - mail/dspam)

The result will be lower costs and better knowledge ;)

Unregistered ;) FreeBSD user
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