Dear all

I have a setup as follows.

sis0: inside network 192.168.XXX.XXX

xl0: connection to RR commercial via DHCP
assigned ip  24.172.21.XXX gateway nat'd

rl0: unused

What I want to do is plug in an RR home connection to the rl0 interface so rl0 would then look like
rl0: connection to RR home via DHCP
It got assigned an IP of 66.57.248.XX gateway

When I do this I get 1000's of
arp: is on rl0 but got reply from 00:07:0d:aa:ec:54 on xl0

and the speed of the xl0 slows to a crawl until I unplug the rl0 NIC

how can I do this?

The default gateway I want is the commercial account

Any ideas??


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